12 Habits Of Highly Unsuccessful People

Hey guys this is Sav and today I want to talk about the 12 Habits Of Highly Unsuccessful People.


Let’s try to imagine a guy that has been eating for ten years straight McDonalds every day, he is not even aware that eating junk food is bad for his body. He has been doing it for such a long period of time and probably the results of his eating habit didn’t show up on the surface but underneath are affecting his life in ways that he can’t even imagine. If you want to change your diet you need to be aware that you have been eating something wrong. The first step to make any change is being aware of your own actions and results. 


You are going on with the flow of life: you are just listening to your parents, society and friends, you are not living your life according to your values but according to the values of an external influence and you accept them because you don’t know what is important for you.  Accepting the values of society is the easiest thing to do. It takes a lot of time research and effort to find out what is actually important to you. You are leaving your dream behind to follow what society tells you. At least 90% of people on the planet are going through life like that, doing what everybody else says to them to do, not doing what they want with their life.


If you hate your job, you are going to have an unhappy and unfulfilled life. You are going to wake up in the morning or better you don’t even wake up in the morning, you would just like to stay in bed and sleep all day. You are not passionate about what you do and once you are going to reach your work place you are going to stay there for eight hours and is going to be a living hell. You hate everything of your job but you are going to do it because is giving you the check at the end of the month because is scary to go on and follow your passions.


You are not giving 100% in what you do, it’s impossible for you because is something that you hate, but if you could change your mind and start seeing working for someone else as a way in which you can develop your work ethic you are going to be already a step ahead. How can you be successful if you don’t have a work ethic? How will you be successful if you are doing a shitty job at McDonalds or in a supermarket? There is no chance that you are going to give 100% when you are going to be on your own, self-employed or an entrepreneur; Hard work is the first step to succeed, and successful people really value hard work.

unsuccessful people won't like this
Unsuccessful people won’t like this!

A lot of researches have been made on this topic and they actually show that if you have a clear goal in your mind, even better if you write it down, you are more likely to achieve your goals. If you don’t know where you want to end up chances are that you are living your life like a leaf in the wind. You are going to accept everything, you don’t have boundaries and you are going to live your life like a ship without a captain, going where the stream will take you. How can you be motivated if you don’t have a goal for which you think is worth it to wake up in the morning? You need to have something that you are willing to fight for and you need to know why. Otherwise you are just going to fail or even worst stagnate.


Is easy to eat McDonald, eating a good plate of broccoli is way harder, because the McDonald menu is going to give you instant gratification and tastes good but is not going to give you nutrient for your body. The broccoli is going to taste a little bit weird but is that weirdness that is going to give you the actual energy and vitamins that will make you feel good. For instance you have in front of you a really easy path that you can take, is clear, you can see the end, you can see people that already took that road and that are moderately happy. On the other hand, you have a path that is impervious, you will have to go through a forest, you can hear weird animals, and you can’t see the end. What path do you think successful people take and which path do you think unsuccessful people take? Successful people are always going for the road less traveled because they know that success lies in the hard choices we have to make.You grow whenever you go out of your comfort zone, where you are standing in this moment in life is the result of all you have been through, all the challenges that you had to face. You grow whenever you have to expand yourself you can’t do that if you always do the easiest thing. Successful people go always for the hardest thing to do while unsuccessful people  go for the easiest thing and never go out of their comfort zone.



I Fall in this behaviour, sometimes, as well. It happens whenever you say to yourself that you want to change something in your life and make it better but instead of taking right action, you just rationalize to yourself that you will do it tomorrow. I will start cleaning my diet tomorrow; I will start taking care of my financial life tomorrow; I will call my wife and tell her that I care about her tomorrow. So what do you think is going to happen tomorrow? You are just going to rationalize to yourself again; today I will just staying on my couch and keep watching the TV. Unsuccessful people are always procrastinating.


There is an epidemic out there that cause us to be always checking our phone for Facebook notification for news; we are always watching TV. We have become like monkeys always looking for any kind of external stimulation. A lot of us are lacking focus and willpower and if you lack them you are in big troubles. If you want to become successful, you need to develop this characteristic. Sometimes you will need to finish a task and you will have deadlines. If you are not able to focus 100% on one task you are never going to excel in what you do. Unsuccessful people don’t have this ability they lose control of it every time.


Being happy is a choice, successful people do the right thing over and over that’s why they are likely to get even more successful. On the other hand unsuccessful people are going to fail even more. Is really hard to catch yourself when you are on a downward spiral because you are always making the worst choice that you could make: eating junk food, not going to the gym, staying at home and watching television.



Many people want to change their lives but they don’t really know what takes to make a shift. You believe that change is going to happen overnight and that is easy. Society has been brainwashing our mind to believe in the magic pill, you believe that you can get good fast. This kind of marketing works really well because the human mind has a tendency to go far what can offer the best outcome with the least effort. If you want to know more about this topic make sure to check out the video that I realized about MASTERY that is going to show you how the learning process actually looks like.


You blame the government your family your friends but you never blame yourself. You don’t understand that the way you are living your life in this moment is completely because of you. Where you are right now in your life is the sum of the choices that you have made so far. People that fail don’t want to admit to themselves that they have been wrong so they blame everybody but them.


Successful people are ready to change their mind they understand that reality is not fixed and it is always changing. Instead, unsuccessful people have a hard time challenging their beliefs, if you believe in a way that the world works, you are going to stick with that opinion for the rest of your life. Most of the time if you have been wrong and you can’t change your mind you are just going to get yourself in trouble. For example an entrepreneur has been selling a product for two years but now the market and his costumers are not willing anymore to buy his product. If he is not going to improve or change it, he is going to lose a lot of money. So successful people are open minded about the world.

Now that you  know what not to do, you need to study success why not from a classic: The 7 habits of highly effective people.

Guys that’s it for now please make sure to add down below more habits of highly unsuccessful people, I am sure I forgot a lot of them I just made a quick list. Make sure to click the subscribe button and remember that you can follow me as well on Facebook and Twitter, until next time.



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