Antifragile By Nassim Taleb – Summary And Quotes


If you ask to yourself what is the opposite of fragile? Probably you will come up with solid or robust but these concepts are not the exact opposite of fragile. If you are moving out of your house you will need to package your plates and write on top of the box “please handle with care” therefore your package is fragile.

fragile hates disorde
Things that are fragile need to avoid chaos

If it was robust you wouldn’t write anything on top ,you wouldn’t care if the courier was going to make it fall because, it was not going to break ,instead, the opposite of fragile is “I beg you to mishandle this package”. It’s going to gain from disorder, is going to develop and get better.

The Hydra is clearly antifragile
The Hydra is an example of antifragile: “for each head cut off it grew two more”

So we have two things: fragile hates disorder, antifragile loves disorder. There are countries people things animals etc that gain from the disorders brothers ,as Nassim Taleb calls them, volatility,variability,time,chaos,randomness and uncertainty.

Antifragile is everything that gain from random events. A person that is antifragile thrives under pressure of external stimuli. Learning to develop this attitude might not be easy but is of extreme importance when the matter is success in life. One of the few certainties in life is that is full of random events. “Shit” is always going to happen so are you going to take advantage of it or not?Whatever will happen in your life is just another chance to develop and improve your situation.

Chances are that if you are happy with where your life is right now is because you were able to gain from the problems that happened in the past. You were strengthen by them and your character has improved thanks to them, in some strange way you wouldn’t change anything in your life because those difficulties made who you are today.


To me antifragile is an approach towards life, a way to see things. You will need to have a shift in perception: problems and errors will be no more unwelcome but  even made intelligently on purpose by making them small and with not big repercussions. Errors will help you to become stronger. So fail fast and as Nassim Taleb would say fail small.

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The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the Antifragile gets better.

Anything that has more upside than downside from random events (or certain shocks is antifragile) the opposite is fragile.

If you want to become antifragile, put yourself in the situation “loves mistakes”- to the right of “hate mistakes”- by making those numerous and small in harms.

We can, from the trial that fails to deliver, figure out progressively where to go.