Someone Who Is Content Is A Happy Man.

We are the ones that don’t want to feel that there is something other than matter.

The entire world today is based on matter, on competing, on purchase, on having more than being.

A kid today is going to school and instead of growing with the joy of discovering the things about life, discovering the rules of the world and his wonders, the first thing we teach and impose him is to be a rival with his classmates.

He has to compete with his friends to be the top of his class, everything works this way.

The entire economic system is based only on gain; the system in which we live is based on matter and on the rules on which the matter is managed.

Nowadays Nobel prizes are given to good and excellent economists that with their economics models can predict what the stock market is going to look like in twenty years. But who cares about it!

The economy should be based on the needs of people; it shouldn’t be made for the uncontrolled economics growth  but for the people.

Are we sure that progress has to be just growth?

Wouldn’t be a better situation one in which we have little but everybody has enough?

Everybody a little bit more, instead of few people having so much and so many having so little.

We don’t need what the today’s economy is providing us.


source: Charis Tsevis

Today’s economy is forcing many people to work at a crazy pace to produce things, for the most part, useless while others work even harder  to be able to buy them.

This is making money to the multinationals and to the big companies, but is not making people happy.

There is a beautiful world in English that we should learn to use and live by instead of happiness and that is content.

Someone who is content is a happy man.

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