How Do You Know When To End A Relationship?

I took a really hard decision lately I left my first job as a bartender in London. Building a strong connection with all my colleagues didn’t really helped me to do so. I had everything to lose, but sometimes you have to be willing to take some risks to end up with something better or at least different.

Let’s try a simple experiment:

I found a job as a bartender in London, after a lot of pain I finally had a steady flux of income, so I stopped to be without a penny in my wallet. The beginning was quite hard, a lot of new things to learn, then I got into the rhythm, I become a good bartender and I was happy with it.

Ending number 1

Everything was good and I just kept it easy, not bad, but not even what I truly wanted to do in my life but you know why should I risk a good position?

Ending number 2

I had good reasons for leaving my job: I realized that my bar was not that good and the company was not really treating with respect his employees, so I decided to leave the place, even if it didn’t seem to be the best option. So I started to pursue my dreams while working in another bar that allowed me to focus on writing and growing stronger on the most important aspects of my life.

Did I reach my goals? Well I still don’t know but I tried.

What about you, are you following your dreams?

I truly believe that if you stop to put yourself in different situations, environments, and cultures you just stop to grow as a person. I already gained so much by ending relationship of any kind saying farewell because, change always brings new challenges that forces you to expand yourself, challenging your beliefs and on the long run becoming better.


The rule that I follow for myself is that if a relationship is not helping and supporting me towards my highest purpose I will always give up on it, I have done it before and I will do it again in the future, so far it did always turn out to be the best choice.

Breaking up is not easy but sometimes is the right thing to do.
Breaking up is not easy but sometimes is the right thing to do.

Did ever happen to you to break up with a long term girlfriend/boyfriend? In the beginning was quite hard but after  few weeks suddenly occurred to you of how naive you have been to believe that what you and her had together was special that never could be done again and you started being aware of all the unhealthy influences that a relationship like that had on you.

In the past I used to be hesitant when i was leaving a job, or breaking up with my girlfriend, and that’s completely normal but right now I got passed that point. I am still scared and not quite sure how things are going to be turning out for me, but not even for a second I have doubts on what is the right choice to make.


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