Today I want to share with you the process that I personally use to never run out of good ideas, everybody can apply it in any field.


There are different  creative stages:

When I sit down to write a new article the first couple of hours are the hardest, I struggle writing words and phrases that express properly what I think, and the possibility to stop and do something more pleasant comes, many times, to my mind. Having passion for something doesn’t necessarily means that the practice is going to be easy and funny.

But I manage to overcome the first obstacles because I perfectly know that if I keep writing the proper words will start flowing. Initially, it is a complicated and annoying process but the more I accept it the more my work becomes simple and the words start coming one after the other.

It is as if my mind would start expanding and I would start having new kinds of thoughts, this happen because my emotions have changed and consequentially my thoughts as well have improved. The creative process is proactive the belief of good ideas just happening is not exact.

Once that my emotions have changed I enter a completely different mental state, I am entirely focused and often I can write for hours. When I notice that I am doing a good job the belief of me being a good writer grows, the more I write, the better I write and the better I write the more I believe in myself and the more my emotions become positive the better I write.

I enter a state where I deeply believe in what I am doing. I start thinking about all the different ways in which I can improve, I start thinking about all the ways I can make the world a better place, about all I can offer, I visualize myself achieving all my goals, when I am in this different state of consciousness there is nothing that I believe I can’t achieve.

creative writing process how to get good ideas

This process takes place in a long period, usually when I have been writing for 7 or 10 hours. Once I finished writing and I can see in front of me my article I believe even more in my abilities because now I have a tangible proof in front of me, and I can see that I created out of nothing.

At this point, on a normal day, it would be time to go to sleep. In the past, once I achieved this altered state of consciousness, I used to go to bed but that was the stupidest thing I could do because there was no way I could manage to fall asleep.

Because I kept having ideas and thoughts, my mind was reprogramming itself on what was possible and what was not. I used to fall asleep when it was already morning and once I was waking up I would discover that I couldn’t remember ninety-nine percent of what I thought the day before because my state had changed, I was wasting an incredible opportunity.

After having forgotten hundreds of ideas, I learned the lesson, and now, every time I get into a creative state, doesn’t matter if I am tired or how many hours I have been awake, I take a notebook and a pen, and I start writing everything that comes to my mind. Personally while I write I like to listen to music.

Moreover If I don’t write quickly what I am thinking I am going to forget it that’s why I try to follow my thought process otherwise I would lose myself in the hundreds of thoughts that I am having.


The majority of ideas are simply sketch however it happens to work on one idea for hours and to fill an entire notebook. As long as I don’t write down all I am thinking there is no way I can go to sleep.

It is as if I am possessed, as if ideas have a will of their own and want to be born and become reality, when I create from this state of consciousness my work has a different quality, it is alive.

I am often awake overall between 30 and 48 hours. In this period of time is not hard to fill a notebook, this means that, working and developing my notes, I can repeat the process. It’s not something that happens all the time but it happens more than you think.

The quality of ideas I usually have following this process is good but is not genial. To have genial ideas, I am talking about ideas that can revolutionize the way we see the world, analyzing the history of genius like Newton, that laid the base of modern science when he was 45, or Einstein that formulated the general theory of relativity when he was 36, we can understand that is necessary to work in one’s field for 10-20 years or even more, always discovering and improving a little part of the field one’s working. We reach our full creative potential in advanced age when we developed a deep understanding of our field.

Revolutionary Ideas don’t happen by chance, I believe genius follow this process consciously or unconsciously. For instance Einstein, year after year, discover after discover, always having ideas connected one another that explained a little bit more of the universe, was able to achieve his famous equation that is his legacy to humanity.

Now the question is what legacy, me and you, we will leave to humanity?

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