The 50th Law



Fear comes from our own misconception of the world. When we feel fear we are self-hypnotized. We believe that something unreal can exist. Fear is just an irrational feeling without connection to reality that prevents people to take action towards their highest potential.How many times what you feared the most has actually happened?

Fear hide itself everywhere, I would go as far as saying that all actions and thoughts of ninety-nine percent of people are fear based, be aware of what you are doing, and most importantly, know the reasons of your actions.

You deliberately put yourself in difficult situations and you examine your reactions. In each case, you will notice that your fears were exaggerated and that confronting them has the bracing effect of bringing you closer to reality.


Nothing is inherently good or bad, anyone has the opportunity to interpret events as misfortunes or possibilities. What I have personally experienced is that life will bring to you everything you need at exactly the right moment to overcome you fears. This means that when something happen you have the chance to do a leap on a new level of consciousness, or you could easily refuse to accept what life has brought to you and never overcome that challenge. What you fear will keep representing itself in different forms, as long as you will not make the leap on the other side of fear.

You perceive reality through your beliefs and project it out on the world so you are watching the world through the lens of your thoughts. Do you want to see the world as a welcoming and peaceful place or you want to see it as a dreadful and dangerous place? The choice is up to you, is just a story; do you want to live in a good or a bad story? In the end though be aware that neither of them are real. Life is, and that’s it, nor good nor bad.

The 50th law, however, states that there is one thing we can actually control the mind-set with which we respond to these events around us. And if we are able to overcome our anxieties and forge a fearless attitude towards life, something strange and remarkable can occur- that margin of control over circumstances increases.


Nonacceptance about the changes of life will never bring  something of value, as soon as something unexpected and unwanted happen everybody has the choice to embrace it and do something proactively to turn into a positive event, negative energy and problems are necessary steps for everyone to become better. If you chose to go the opposite direction of the stream of life you will just be carried on anyway, life doesn’t wait for anybody. It would be like swimming on the opposite direction of a waterfall, you can’t win, you can choose to let go and see where you will be led.

Life has a particular pace and rhythm, an endless stream of changes that can move slowly or quickly. When you try to stop this flow mentally or physically by holding on to things or people, you fall behind. Your actions become awkward because they are not in relation to present circumstances. It is like moving against a current as opposed to using it to propel you forward.


We have to face the reality that in this world we are completely on our own. Nobody cares if we succeed or fail. When people help us they are usually waiting for something in return. The faster we understand this the faster we can start to work on our self, truly focused on what really matters the most to us, be ready to say no to unhealthy people, situations and influences. Probably one turns from a kid to a man when he truly understand that nobody is going to take care of him forever. If you want something you need to work hard for it, nobody owes you nothing in this life.

He quickly developed the habit of not depending on other people to protect or shelter him.


If you are not planning your future in detail you are just floating through life without a particular goal. Like an arrow that is not aiming to his target, if you don’t know where you want to go how could you end up there?!

The further and deeper we contemplate the future, the greater our capacity to shape it according to our desires.


There is something magic in committing yourself on one single goal, without the slightest doubt about it. Working with certainty on it ,you cut all other possibility, even better if you don’t have other possibility, on your mind there is just success, you will give all of yourself  to achieve it.

Because he had no plan b, because it was either succeed at music or go under, he operated with a frantic bold energy that got him noticed in the rap world.


If you deeply know that you will be fine with or without certain people, situations and jobs, you will be able to lead the rapport where you want it to be on your terms and conditions. When people sense that you are willing to walk away they will understand that you have other options and this will give you instantly more control and power over them.

In his experience, whenever he felt as if he had too much to lose and he held on to others or to deals out of fear of the alternative, he ended up losing a lot more he realized that the key in life is to be willing to walk away. He was often surprised that in doing so, or even feeling that way, people would come back to him on his terms, now fearing what they might lose in the process. And if they didn’t return, then good riddance.


You have just one chance, one opportunity, one life and if you waste it, doing what others people want you to do, you are just squandering your time. You will always be frustrated and unhappy.

If you don’t follow your dreams you will never be realized in life. People will say every kind of things while on your journey, is up to you to understand if it is constructive criticism or just useless gossip, take what is worth considering and be ready to forget instantly all the rest.

I was born alone and I will die alone. I’ve got to do what’s right for me and not live my life the way anybody else wants it.


If you are ready for confrontation and know how to fight most of the time you will not need to do so, but if you are scared and never stood up for your rights people will keep exploiting you forever. It looks like people can sense that you will say yes to everything and never stand your ground. Your being radiates outward and can be read in your manner without you having to say a word. People will react to your own self-belief, they will treat you as you expect to be treated.

The kid in the school yard who doesn’t want to fight always leaves with a black eye. If you indicate you will do anything to avoid trouble, that’s when you get trouble.


It amaze me how people are sure of their position, thoughts and beliefs. Whenever you start believing that you are on the top of the mountain your decline is assured, instead, when you know that no matter how far you have come there will always be something to learn and improve, your growth will not be precluded.

Being open minded is key, recognize and admit that you were doing something wrong and be willing to act differently to get different results. What worked yesterday might not work today, be ready to change mind and action when needed, never attach yourself image to anything you do.

His superiority, was that he knew that he knew nothing. This left his mind open to experiencing things as they are, the source of all knowledge.

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