Your Erroneous Zones By Wayne Dyer – Top 8 Ideas

Today I want to share with you the 8 best ideas I Have found in Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dyer. I highly suggest to read this book to everybody, especially to those who are just starting in self development. It had a huge impact in my life, when I first read it two years ago, I am sure you are going to enjoy it as well.


your erroneous zones by wayne dyer



You are the only one accountable for the way you feel. Your emotions come from your thoughts, you can control your thoughts, therefore you can control your emotions. You are feeling terrible or amazing due to your interpretations about the events of your life. You have the choice to see everything as you want. Some might argue that re framing positively is delusional, actually, is the more pragmatical thing you could possibly do. What advantages is going to give you negative thinking? Nobody is ever going to take away from you the possibility to choose your thoughts, this is ultimate freedom, real Free Will.

“You Make yourself unhappy because of the thoughts that you have about the people or things in your life. Becoming a free and healthy person involves learning to think differently.” Your Erroneous Zones By Wayne Dyer Page 12


There is a person with which you are going to spend all the rest of your life with: yourself. If you have low self esteem issues you probably believe in the crazy standards that society says you need to follow in order to be cool. That is nonsense. They need to sell you their products, therefore, they fool you into believing that you are not enough. Change what you don’t like about yourself but accept what you can’t. Go in front of the mirror and say I love you, as weird as it sounds that is what you have to do, you are the only one able to make the decision of loving yourself.

“Self-Love means accepting yourself as a worthy person because you choose to do so” Your Erroneous Zones By Wayne Dyer Page 40


There is nothing wrong with wanting approval, on the other hand, needing approval is an erroneous zone because if you don’t get it you are going to freak out. The root of approval seeking behaviors is not being able to live life according to your values. You are afraid to stand out and live your life as you want, thus, you need always other people to reinforce your ideas in order to trick yourself into believing that you are making the right choices.

“Independent thinking is not only unconventional, it is the enemy of the very institutions that constitute the bulwark of our society” Your Erroneous Zones By Wayne Dyer Page 52


Most of your personality traits were born during your childhood.  For instance your teacher in school said that you were shy, you believed her, and subconsciously you looked for reference to reinforce that belief. You started noticing when you didn’t want to talk, then, the belief became bigger and bigger, being shy became a part of who you think you are. You prevent yourself to change your personality because you can use being shy as an excuse to not take action.

your erroneous zones by wayne dyer breaking free from the past

You can change the parts of your personality that you don’t like by collecting reference experience that contradict them. If you are shy you should always express your ideas, approach people that you like, chat with strangers and everything else that is going to support the belief that you are an extrovert. With time and enough reference experiences you are going to change who you are.

“Only a ghost wallows around in his past, explaining himself with self-descriptors based on a life lived through. You are what you chose today, not what you’ve chosen before.” Your Erroneous Zones By Wayne Dyer Page 74


Guilt is preventing you to take action in the present because you are thinking about the past. Worry is immobilizing you because you think about problems in the future. These emotions are completely irrationals. You can’t change your past, you can’t control your future. Accept your past, do what you have to do in order to live a better future and stop worrying. Live your present fully that’s the only moment you will ever live in. Why waste your life?

“If you believe that feeling bad or worrying long enough will change a past or future event, then you are residing on another planet with a different reality system” Your Erroneous Zones By Wayne Dyer Page 89


Wake up have breakfast, get in the car, get stuck in a traffic jam, go to work, get back home, have dinner, watch some TV, go to sleep, repeat the next day. Does it sounds familiar? You are afraid of getting out of your comfort zone because you can fail and be judged. This is your life tough, do you want to live like that?

“Have you really lived 10,000 or more days or have you lived one day, 10,000 or more times”


I procrastinate as well. Everybody tends to procrastinate at times. The most important thing is knowing how to deal with it. For instance if you want to lose weight you are thinking that going out and running for one hour is a good thing, but is actually counterproductive. You are not likely to go out and run for one hour if you have been with your ass sitting on your couch watching television for the past six months. Even if you would have run for such a long period of time the chance that you kept doing it are low, due to the pain, lack of focus and will power.

A smarter way to deal with procrastination is to start from wherever you feel more comfortable. It can be going to the refrigerator and open a can of coke or can be going out and walking for five minutes. The point is to start small and then built it from there. You need to make yourself a little bit uncomfortable each time. The first day walk for 5 minutes, the second for 7 and so on.

“It takes no one drop of sweat to put off doing anything” Your Erroneous Zones By Wayne Dyer Page 176


Being in a codependent relationship is horrible, you bear it because probably is the only one that you have ever experienced. You don’t do activities unless your girlfriend or boyfriend is participating; Whenever she leaves you, you feel incomplete, you often fantasize about being cheated. This are just few of the behaviors of someone in a codependent relationship. If you find yourself in one chances are you didn’t fix already all the previous erroneous zones. When you are free from all negative behaviors your relationships are going to improve drastically. The person that you are with is just a reflection of yourself.

“In any relationship in which two people become one, the end result is two half people” Your Erroneous Zones By Wayne Dyer Page 189

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