Passion And Gradualness – Pavlov’s Last Advice To His Students

Pavlov, on his death-bed, was asked to give one last bit of advice to his students on how to succeed. His answer was, ‘Passion and gradualness.'”

When we try to improve ourselves, we have in our mind the image of who we want to become, but often our goals are miles away from our current reality so we tend to get discouraged because it looks impossible to make such a big leap. We lack the skills, the knowledge, and the self-confidence to believe that we can actually change.  If we are hopeless, the natural consequence is that we are not going to act, and if we are not going to act, nothing is ever going to improve.

The only way we can change our state is to have an experience of success no matter how small. That’s why is really important to low the bar for what we consider success, our focus in the beginning of every journey, should be to experience the feeling of actually achieving and improving because many of us have never had it.

For instance if you are broke and you feel hopeless, there is no point in imagining yourself as the richest person in the world. Obviously, you should have in the back of your mind the main picture of how you want your future to look like. But if you consistently dwell upon your vision you would feel even more desperate because there is no congruence between who you are at the moment and who you want to become. In the beginning, your effort should be to improve your situation no matter how slightly even if all you can manage to do is to get a shitty job.

When you are broke, earning five dollars per hour is a huge improvement; To get out of the mud you all you have to do is to experience for the first time the feeling of earning some money. Because In doing so you are going to doubt your old beliefs which were causing your inaction.

You can literally imagine this scenario with every kind of beliefs or skills that you want to improve.

Experiencing success, and more importantly the feeling of success, is what is going to build your self-confidence and momentum. When you start having external results, you are going to take more action and enter a positive cycle and with enough time and effort, you are going to be able to achieve the vision you had in your mind.

Is not going to be easy, change never is, especially when you are working on yourself, you have to start somewhere though, who cares if that means working in a shitty job for a while.

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